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GalaxyRed is one of a kind in the music industry.

Combining the live music of long-time St. Louis favorite the Galaxy Band with St. Louis’ legendary DJ Crucial gives the audience an experience like they have never known.

What makes this combination truly exceptional is the ability of the Galaxy Band and DJ Crucial to play TOGETHER and independent of one another to provide four hours of seamless, non-stop music ranging from the 1950’s to the edgy R&B and Hip Hop sounds of today and everything in between. GalaxyRed is the most exciting new music movement in the country and makes any event more exciting and enjoyable than anything else going on today.

Galaxy Band leader Lenny Klinger and his crew combine with turntable master, DJ Crucial, in a way that is so unexpected, precise in its execution and capable of producing music in such a new and authentic way that it is impossible to compare them to any other artists living or dead.

President of F5 Records, Crucial is an unassuming and friendly producer by day… but catch him on a Friday night at Blueberry Hill or at a house party on the weekend and witness a viciously ill deejay known for inducing soul train lines and old school dance routines. His ear leans toward the Golden Era when groups like KMD, Das Efx, and Black Moon reigned supreme. The same kind of positive vibe comes through in his beat catalogue, and he provides his emcees with personalized soundscapes that reflect their respective perspectives, meanwhile always creating more beats for an ever-growing clientele in St. Louis and beyond.

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Kiss Download Family Affair Download Wanna Be Starting Something Sweet Download Material Girl Download

Partial Song list

    GalaxyRED is known all over the country for their diversity of music. From the first note the both the youngest and oldest guests will be stuck to the dance floor. Although GalaxyRED doesn’t have a song list, it is nearly infinite to what music they can cover. They cover everything from big band, to 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the music currently on the radio. If you send us your song and artist requests you want played at least two weeks prior to the engagement there is nothing that GalaxyRED can’t do!
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