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Bottoms Up Blues Gang

Bottoms Up Blues Gang

THE BOTTOMS UP BLUES GANG is St. Louis’ premier Blues Duo/Gang, featuring vocalist Kari Liston, guitarist Jeremy Segel-Moss, and a gang of outstanding musicians.

The Bottom’s Up Blues Gang is known for being a hard-working touring act, performing no less than 225 shows a year across the country. Currently time is divided with roughly 1/3 spent in St Louis, 1/3 spent in New Orleans, and the rest touring across the country. They have opened for acts such as Chuck Berry, Robert Earl Keen, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Robert Randolph, and George Clinton’s Parliament Funkadelic – in the 10 years they’ve been on the road. Vocalist Kari Liston says, “You don’t work music, you play music. If you’re not having fun doing it, you’re doing something wrong.”

The Bottoms Up Blues Gang from St. Louis is celebrating over a decade of playing together with their third release “Handle It.” The album features a perfect patchwork of original music in the band’s eclectic blend of St. Louis Blues and New Orleans Jazz, with instrumentation ranging from guitar and vocals up to a full band with organ and New Orleans horn section. The band, based around a nucleus of guitarist Jeremy Segel-Moss and vocalist Kari Liston, have surrounded themselves with a phenomenal gang of  legendary local musicians to support a wide range of new sounds and influences.


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