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GalaxyRed is one of a kind in the music industry. It offers the audience a musical entertainment experience like no other.

GalaxyRed is truly exceptional, providing four hours of seamless, non-stop music ranging from the 1950’s to the edgy R&B and Hip Hop sounds of today and everything in between. GalaxyRed is the most exciting new music movement in the country providing an enjoyable event, unlike and anything else.

GalaxyRed features four vocalists as well as a DJ who performs with the band and independently of the band to offer four hours of continuous music.

GalaxyRed combines the band with the DJ in a way that is unexpected, precise in its execution and producing music in a new and authentic way that it is difficult to compare them to any other artists performing today.

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Partial Song list

  • GalaxyRED is known all over the country for their diversity of music. From the first note the both the youngest and oldest guests will be stuck to the dance floor.
  • Although GalaxyRED doesn’t have a song list, it is nearly infinite to what music they can cover.
  • They cover everything from big band, to 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the music currently on the radio.
  • If you send us your song and artist requests you want played at least two weeks prior to the engagement there is nothing that GalaxyRED can’t do!
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