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Event Innovation – Table Assignments

There are infinite possibilites for designing creative ways for guests to register and receive table assignments at an event… you can check Pinterest for that! Many of the more creative ideas work for guest counts between 50 and 200 guests, but what about when you have over 800 guests arriving within a short span of time? For larger guest counts, it is paramount for guests to check in as efficiently as possible to avoid delays.

This was an innovative way to check guests in efficiently with style! Working closely with our client, we were able to create these sleek walls attached with place-cards. Guests entered through the VIP “blue carpet” entrance. One of several staff members checked them in via  iPads and a volunteer ran to grab their assignment from one of the two walls. This quick method allowed the event to proceed on schedule and impressed guests before they set foot inside the venue.



The Walls

iPad Check-in

Table Assignment Wall

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