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Event Tech – Digital Projection Mapping

What used to be a cool new concept on the minds of event producers and marketing agencies has become mainstream with the Sochi Olympics!

Digital mapping uses one or more projectors to project onto a 3d surface. For the Sochi Olympic Opening Celebration, 120 projectors created beautiful imagery and video onto the floor of the stadium.

Opening Ceremony

Digital projection mapping from 2014 Sochi Olympic Opening Ceremony

We recently used this technology for a holiday party in December at a private residence. Using two projectors we covered the front of the house and turned it into a winter wonderland. Snow appeared to accumulate on the roof and fall to the ground, festive characters were walking in and out of themed shops and architectural elements were added to give a rustic feel to the exterior.

If interested in bringing digital projection mapping to your event, please contact us at or call 314.721.9090.

DigiMapParty DigiMapParty3 DigiMapParty4 DigiMapParty2

Check out some other cool examples of digital projection mapping!

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