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Featured Artist – The LustreLights

For this installment of our Featured Artist series, we chatted with Kara and Dan of The LustreLights.

We’ve known Kara for many years as a featured performer in wedding bands and jazz ensembles throughout the region and were excited to meet with her early last year to discuss her next steps. After lunches over some mouth-watering Thai food (looking at you Fork and Stix), Kara went on to create her first party band with her husband Dan.

The result of their labor is an extremely professional, fun and high-energy band known as The LustreLights!


Who is your favorite artist right now?

Dan: Our favorite artist right now would be Kimbra.

Kara: We’re going to see her at Delmar Hall soon!


What are your favorite songs to play with the LustreLights?

Kara: “That’s What I Like” is super fun…

Dan: Yeah that is super fun!

Kara: Anything Bruno, obviously.

Dan: “Proud Mary” always comes off really well.


What should people know about you?

Dan: Are we the only husband/wife duo running a wedding band in Saint Louis?  (they are one of a few!)

Kara: I’d say the production side is a bid deal for us. We’re one of few bands that has synchronized lights  with the music, in ear monitors, we have these new LED risers for the band…


What’s one of the craziest things that happened at one of your performances?

Kara: I don’t know if this is crazy, but it felt crazy to me that we were applauded so much at the end of one of our first LustreLight weddings. It kind of became a concert and Dominique, our lead singer, asked me “should we bow right now?”. It was a really joyful occasion.


We are proud to share the LustreLights’ new videos with you below! We hope you enjoy.

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