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Looking to top off a three-day conference with a bang? The silent disco is a new way to get 1,000 guests on the dance floor!

Our silent disco parties include up to three DJs, each with their own booth represented by a specific color. Every participant is provided with a set of headphones allowing them to choose between which DJ Channel they want to listen to, represented by LED’s on the earphones. This way all the “blue” headphones wearers might be doing the choreography to Wobble while all the “green” guests are belting out I Want to Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston.  This turns the tried-and-true closing party into a fully interactive experience that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Our clients at World Wide Technology wanted to provide their attendees a new way to let their guard down without the pressures of networking on the last night of their leadership conference. With three DJs spinning, attendees’ headphones were constantly changing colors and their bodies changing rhythms while rotating through the various DJs’ beats. An example of the ultimate in event entertainment.

The silent disco fared so well with the guests that they persuaded the meeting planners to extend the night even longer!

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Event Trend: Silent Disco - Contemporary Productions

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