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Heat Map? What’s a Heat Map?

Contemporary is always on the lookout for technology trends that will improve our clients experiential marketing reach. We are currently on trend by offering heat map data capture services.

 What are heat maps and how are they generated? The most common method of generating heat maps is through proximity beacons including radio frequencies, Wi-Fi, NFC, or Bluetooth-based technologies embedded in ID badges or other wearables that connect to receivers that map traffic patterns, dwell times, and more —  all in real time!  

 On the client side, heat maps that analyze foot traffic in real-time offer instant fix opportunities. A sparsely visited area?  Solution? Put a coffee bar in that area the next day. For attendees, it may mean digital signage that allows them to observe visualizations of attendees on the floor and locate people they want to network with.

 As new tools evolve their baseline technologies — including GPS-enabled mobile devices, Ultra Wide Band RF, or Bluetooth LE — we see a broader acceptance by event organizers and attendees.

 Heat mapping = Seeing really is believing.

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