A speaker onstage at the Stifel event produced by Contemporary Productions event management team.

Compelling Corporate Events

Corporate events should be immersive experiences that produce complete audience buy-in and deliver on your company’s brand, message and culture. At Contemporary Productions, we have the experience and the resources to make your business meeting the opportunity to tell your story and bring your people together for a rewarding experience.

General Session Stage Design

Silent Disco at Corporate Conference

John Fogerty at Corporate Meeting

Mission Impossible Themed CEO Entrance

World Wide Technology Leadership Conference

Excitement Beyond the Boardroom

From annual conferences to destination meetings to incentive trips, we create engaging and interactive corporate events from page to stage. Whether you want to spark pride or inspire insightful discussion among your employees, we help spur your company’s message with energetic atmosphere, distinguished keynote speakers or impressive entertainment. Hand our event management team your clipboard. We’ll manage all the details for your corporate events.

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