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Cruise ship entertainment is in more demand than ever, and Contemporary Productions is uniquely positioned to supply the best cruise band acts and musicians for your voyage. Cruise ship bands provide a unique setting for musical performances from some of the most talented singers, songwriters and musicians aboard. On top of that, we have access to some of today’s chart-topping artists, so whether you are looking for lounge singers or popular headliners for your event, one can rest assured that you will get an incredible show experience onboard. We strive to provide the best in onboard entertainment with the options ranging from high energy to low key—there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a jam session on deck or classy ambiance during dinner time, Contemporary Productions has got you covered.

A photo of an 80s tribute bands in front of a crowd on a cruise ship, booked as cruise ship entertainment for an 80s themed event.

A band performing on stage as cruise ship entertainment.

A photo of a performer on a lighted stage for a cruise ship concert.

Make More than Waves with Cruise Ship Entertainment

Cruise-goers are sure to enjoy an unforgettable experience when you book your Cruise Ship Entertainment with Contemporary. Our team maintains relationships with top music and talent agencies from the industry, providing you with direct access to the best cruise ship bands and other great entertainers, so your cruise production will have exactly what you need for a great event. Cruise-goers won’t be disappointed – when booking entertainment cruises through Contemporary, you can expect smooth sailing ahead.

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