violinist and vocalist

Nikki Glenn Singer & Violinist

Bring beauty and an evocative ambience to your next special event with Nikki Glenn. As a world class violinist seamlessly blending classical training with contemporary influences, Nikki Glenn can offer sophisticated entertainment that will leave you and your guests breathless.

Classical and Contemporary Infusion

Violinist and Vocalist

Based in the sultry musical soundscape of Saint Louis, Nikki has served scores of music lovers by gracing private events, first-class parties, luxurious casinos, and decadent cruise ships and with her talent. Throughout her younger years, she perfectly honed her skills with the training received via prestigious scholarships from both the Cleveland Institute of Music and the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra. As her career flourished, she was invited to showcase her skills through engagements with noted artists such as the Black Eyed Peas, the Moody Blues, and best-selling hip hop artist Murphy Lee.

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Serving Scores of Music Lovers

Nikki offers light jazz violin standards and adult contemporary vocal entertainment to create the perfect atmosphere for your private, corporate, or special event.  Her services are perfect for events such as:

  • Cocktail hours
  • Dinner parties and banquets
  • Corporate receptions
  • Fundraising dinners
  • Any occasion requiring background music for conversation and celebration

Nikki plays music from every genre from classical to current hits!

World Recognition and Raw Talent

From the sun-drenched shores of the Caribbean to the lagoons of Venice, Nikki Glenn’s musical ability has taken her to many far-flung corners of the globe, including two tours of the Caribbean as a luxury cruise entertainer, and a special honour when she was selected to perform in the Operafestival di Roma in Rome, Italy.

Fearless Passion that Shines

Whether you are planning a prestigious private event, a dazzling party, or just feel like bringing a little class and culture into your world, Nikki Glenn is the perfect choice for taking a musical sojourn to another level. Her fearless passion shines through her performance and her energy, raw talent, and dedication to perfection allows her to surpass the limits of her instruments and go beyond the realm of expectation.

Bring a Buzz to your Next Event

Nikki Glenn is available for top-end private parties, villa and yacht performances, and any special event that requires fresh musical talent. With a style that is tailored to perfectly complement your opulent surroundings and bring a buzz of beauty and emotion to the room, Nikki Glenn is an unforgettable talent to be experienced.

“I am a self-contained performer.  I provide my own sound and backing tracks, and break music is always included.  I am available for performances worldwide.  I specialize in providing music that you can enjoy while still being able to hear your conversation – my purpose is to enhance your event.” – Nikki Glenn

Nikki Glenn Music Videos

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