The Collective Band

The Collective

A collaboration between DJ Ashton Martin and Lost Wax, The Collective is the manifestation of a concept developed through many years of shared events by the two Artists.

DJ + Band

By merging the energy of a Live Band, with the flexibility of a great DJ to read and react to a room – you get the best of both worlds combined into one unique product.

Collective brings 7 musicians together at the DJ’s disposal, allowing him to pick and choose the musical direction in real time to best fit the party.  Musicians give the DJ the ability to create peaks and valleys in the show, in a way that is not possible from just spinning records.

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DJ Live Band Combo

Like a QB, the DJ calls various instruments and/or vocalists up at specific times to help progress the energy and keep the interest of the audience, and uses the full band in chunks to create climatic moments in the set.

This diversity, coupled with interactive lighting and production – creates a party set that doesn’t get stale, and continues to keep guests on the dance floor and engaged all night long!

The Collective Music Video

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