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The Saint Louis Art Museum Gala

Nonprofit Events

Warhol Themed Studio 54 Ceiling Treatment – Saint Louis Art Museum
Warhol “Couch” Photo Opp – Saint Louis Art Museum
Warhol Themed Bar Design – Saint Louis Art Museum
Welcome Sign – Saint Louis Art Museum
Studio 54 Theme – Saint Louis Art Museum

Celebrating Peace, Love and Pop

Art is an expression of emotion, memory and ingenuity — it’s a gift to stop and celebrate artists and their accomplishments. Our partnership with the Saint Louis Art Museum has given us many chances to immerse ourselves in artistic stylings. We’ve created many amazing events over the years, but one of our favorites has to be the Peace Pop Love Gala.

SLAM wanted their gala to highlight their Graphic Revolution exhibit, which showcased the transformation of American prints starting with the 1960s. Together, we chose pop art icon Andy Warhol as our central focus for his eclectic style. With this inspiration, we created the Peace Pop Love Gala to showcase his influence.

The grand entryway of the St. Louis Art Museum gave guests a hint of what was to come, with lights dotting the ceiling with shapes from the famous Warhol piece, Flowers (1964). As the guests moved about the museum, we transported guests back to the 60s with spaces reminiscent of Warhol’s studio, the Silver Factory. We lined multiple rooms with silver foil and balloons and filled them with neon-hued lighting. Every piece added to the experience — notes from “Andy” were left around the venue, custom pop art lined the bar and a chaise lounge perfectly mirrored the one Warhol was photographed on. After guests made their way through the event space, they had an opportunity to stop once they reached an astounding performance by South Carolina’s Power 2 Party band.

This event made every guest feel like one of Warhol’s “Superstars” for the night. Just like the artists of the decade, our team worked together to create a lasting experience for all those who stepped into the museum’s halls. As Warhol once advised, we took the little things that would ordinarily bore people and found a way to make them thrilling.

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Virtual Set – HLK/Bayer
Virtual Set – HLK/Bayer
Virtual Set – HLK/Bayer
Virtual Set – HLK/Bayer

A Virtual Platform for Product Launches

Virtual events became one of our primary service offerings during the height of the pandemic. In 2021 HLK hired us to help coordinate a virtual XtendFlex Soybean product launch for Bayer. This project was a tall order — our team needed to find synergy between entertainment and farming in the soybean space.

We were tasked with talent booking, project management of the virtual broadcast and running the concert itself. Using the Regestrix platform, our production included live chat with moderation, live polls in real-time and live social media feeds. We implemented these features to encourage audience engagement throughout the broadcast. We chose Tyne Morgan, the host of the Missouri Farm Report, as the live emcee for the event.

When it came to entertainment, we identified rock or country as the genre of interest for Bayer’s audience and proceeded to vet potential talent. Working within their budget, we booked the perfect act — Dustin Lynch, a country artist and fellow soybean farmer. Lynch provided a pre-recorded testimonial on his experience in the soybean industry followed by a 30-minute solo acoustic performance for those in attendance.

Ultimately, our production saw 4,000 registrants, more than 70% of which were farmers, and over 3,300 tuned in for the live show. Our team put our heads together to find engaging solutions for this niche product launch. We demonstrated our ability to blend strategy with creativity to make events that are sure to resonate with the intended audience.