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Four Takeaways From Pollstar Live!

Senior Vice President, Jeff Jarrett attended Pollstar Live!, the world’s largest gathering of live entertainment professionals in the world. Panelists included Irving Azoff and Nicki Minaj in addition members of leading entertainment agencies including C3 Presents, Paradigm, William Morris, Paradigm and more. Here are our four biggest takeaways from the conference:

1.  Are we in the entertainment and events golden age?

The popular opinion at Pollstar was that as good as things are for the Event & Entertainment industry, we have yet to reach our golden age. Tours will get bigger, buildings will get more impressive and the expenditure on experience will continue to increase. The best is yet to come!

2. Emphasis on mental health

The entertainment industry has a well earned reputation for being extremely fast paced and deal driven occupation in consistently stressful environments. For too long the attitude towards daunting workloads has been “just get it done!” Recently, the best companies are investing in bulking up their workforce, using technology to streamline repetitive tasks and to promote a healthy work/life balance to increase employee retention.

3. Building-driven experiences for concertgoers

Buildings have become the new rock and roll stars. There were many discussions focused on how state-of-the-art venues can drive ticket sales just as much as the acts that play them.

4. From analog to digital

Lots of companies are transitioning leadership from those that have lived an analog life to those that understand and embrace the digital revolution. Companies that are doing well are investing in technology to improve efficiency while recruiting staffs consisting of varied ages.

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