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Graphic Design: Los Lobos

Having a full-time graphic designer is a must have in the modern event industry. We asked our very own, Sierra Hughes, how she recreated a vintage Los Lobos logo from scratch. In her words:

Clients often come to us with very specific requests. As a graphic designer, my job is to make it happen. Last year, a client came to us to design invitations and book Los Lobos for their 25th wedding anniversary.  They wanted invitations, posters and stage passes with Los Lobos’ logo on black paper with white ink – something very hard to achieve (especially when all you have to go off of is an extremely low quality image!) Plus, printers don’t print white ink – right? Turns out, some can. Here is my process of how we made it happen with The Done Dept.

First off, when searching the internet, there was only one (very low quality) image of the logo that the client wanted.


Low Resolution logo.


As you can see, this file is completely unusable. I decided to bring this file into Illustrator and trace the entire thing in order to create a vector file. This was pretty difficult considering how blurry the image is. I had to do a lot of guessing and zooming in and out to get a better look at the image, making sure to match the typefaces as well!

The original logo, vectored and updated for modern use.


Next, I designed the invitation, poster, and stage passes to match the style of the logo. Most printer shops would have to make a stamp to achieve the design on black paper, which has a very high price point, but after calling multiple printers, I found one that actually had a printer that could print with white ink. The Done Dept. helped us achieve exactly what we wanted! As an added bonus, the band loved it so much we gave them the files to use however they want.

Here is the final product:


The final invite!


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